Downtown Gastonia Rocks (or Discos) With the Fantastic Shakers

August 9, 2007 at 11:36 pm Leave a comment

This 103 degree evening still  shagged, rocked, bumped, and electric-slid — is that a word? — to the Fantastic Shakers at the Rotary Centennial Pavilion. Probably about 1,000 people braved the heat by seeking shade on South Street and under the sparse trees in the surrounding parking lot. Tell you what, Gastonians know how to party – It was a lot of fun. Once the sun met the western treeline, the artificial dance floor was packed. Too bad it was so hot – this is one great group, we are sure more people would have attended.  


This event was part of the Downtown Alive program sponsored by the Gastonia Downtown Development Corporation. This has spun off event in several cities, Belmont and Mt. Holly among them.

The Rotary Pavilion was a Rotary Centennial project completed in 2005. It has turned out to be a great community gathering space, hosting fireworks, the Community Foundation “Run for the Money”, and political soapboxes.

This particular evening it was also the United Way Kickoff event. Campaign Chair, B.F. Beasley, announced a $3.3 million goal. More on this project as the days progress.

great evening, just too darn hot…


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Skatepark In Belmont Heat Ya’ll

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