Belmont Abbey starts college year with enrollment growth

August 23, 2007 at 8:09 am Leave a comment

Gazette Article about the Belmont Abbey College.

The development of Montcross (So far: Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, BB&T The Oaks Business Park, and the Hampton Inn) must be pumping some new life into the Abbey.

With marketing dollars available to tell the story of the college and monastery, a good business plan by a decent business leader, the college will reap benefits.


Visibility, vitality, community involvement, and generational interaction are just some of the good things coming out of an increased enrollment.

Internally, there have been some upheaval based on the rocking chair comments of some of our Belmont Front Porch neighbors and friends. A shake up in the athletic department, 20+ year Abbey veteran coach and AD, Elaine Kebbe did not have her contract renewed after the school year. Dick Dull, formerly of the University of Maryland was hired in July. Coaching changes in basketball, lacrosse, golf, and tennis also occurred in the past couple of years.  

On the academic side, several professors have taken “sabbaticals”, or have left for positions in other Catholic institutions. While as Liberal Arts College, the general curriculum has taken a decidely conservative Catholic tone of instruction within the tradition. We don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing, we do however believe that energetic debate and discussion on a college campus is great for society, particularly our local society.

The Bradley Institute is one of the great things to have been developed and presented by the Abbey. This organization brings in individuals to present concepts, ideas, and beliefs that are reflected in everyday life. In the Belmont and eastern Gaston County area, the level of educated discussion needs to be raised. Too many times, we feel that the Charlotte area intellectuals just dismiss us due to our heritage. Those who are involved many times don’t even identify themselves as a Gaston County resident, but of “the Charlotte area”, for fear of ridicule.

Anyway, the soapbox discussion here is to congratulate the Abbey on their recruiting year, and wish them the best as the academic season kicks off.



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