It Rained Tonight

August 23, 2007 at 12:10 am Leave a comment

Yeah, it really did — a whole 5 or ten minutes. Not enough to cool anything down, or even soak the lawns.

This is getting frustrating.

The McDonald’s at The Point still has green grass and flourishing flowers — good corporate neighbors or egocentric corporate icon ?– let’s save a few gallons of water guys, let your lawn turn brown like the rest of us…

The Hawthorne Neighborhood Association should also be concerned about watering Keener Boulevard across from the Fire Station. The Great Brick Wall of Keener has great greenry and replacement trees, but again, if you can afford 330-500K homes, you can afford to waste our treated water resources.

We don’t have a problem that the HS Football field is lush, we do have problems with water that runs down the street. It is expected that by the end of the month of August, we will be experiencing a Stage 2 Restriction. With the river declining, the water intake area over in East Belmont will be hard pressed to keep watering the Hawthorne lawns — and our toilets full.


(Gazette Photo)

Let’s try to conserve water neighbors ! Try to limit water the gardens to 2 times per week, don’t water your lawn but once a week, stop washing your cars in the driveways, and limit your shower time.

Haven’t even talked about the heat – the Duke Power bills for this month are looking horrendous.


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