Bus Drivers Can Not Win

August 28, 2007 at 7:41 am 1 comment

When you sign on to be a school bus driver you will not win — ever.


Your friends step away, your neighbors wonder what planet you came from, and the local media loves to make the school systems look foolish. It is unfortunate that situations like a child riding all over Gastonia, and children are needed to give directions to the driver in Charlotte.

It is more unfortunate that people seeking their 15 minutes of fame feel the need to point out the foibles and miscues on a day generally reserved for massive mistakes — the first day of the school year.

From the beginning of time when children had to walk barefoot, up the hill in the blinding snow and rain both ways, to and from school, in the darkness of night after milking a hundred head of dairy cattle and setting irrigation tubes, the media has found ways to criticize the public school process.

Taking it out on the Bus Driver is a mean-spirited way to put someone in their place, socially and economically.

Bus drivers are part-time employees of the school systems. Low paid, training that is usually rushed and incomplete, and very little support from the supervisors. We have never wondered why some school systems have a hard time attracting the caring persons necessary to do the job correctly.

We all know the media jumps on any chance to focus on the negative when any yellow bus in any town in the US has issues, serious or not.

County Commissioners and anti-property tax/no-on-school-bond advocates often point out these bus driver mistakes as a way of comeuppance for the needy schools.

Neighbors, here in Belmont at least, let’s treat our drivers with respect and patience. Our precious cargo that is entrusted into their hands part-time in the morning and afternoon also need to say thank-you for being there.

The routes and the awareness work themselves out, fortunately in these cases, children found their way home, drivers learned a lesson, and nobody was hurt.

The bus driver is an important part of the school instructional team. If children learn to respect, empathize, and cooperate with the drivers, many problems could be mitigated.


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  • 1. Nicole  |  February 11, 2008 at 5:46 pm

    true that… bus drivers aren’t given enough credit, and I for one would like to say thanks to all of those bus drivers out there putting up with rude and obnoxious kids like myself 🙂


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