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Where NOT to Drive

Gaston’s wreck hotspots

The Gazette has a good article about problem areas and driving in Gaston County. Near the end of the article is a list of deaths in the county and statewide.

This is a concern, most of the deaths were attributed to alcohol as a factor. Speed was another.

A great community is made up of a lot of things. Please drink responsibly, and slow down.

A listing of local hot spots:

Park Street and Wilkinson Blvd;

Hawley Avenue and Wilkinson Blvd;

Nixon Road and South Point Road (HS intersection);

Central Avenue and North Main Street (the “point”);

Woodlawn and Belmont-Mt Holly Road (Belmont Abbey stoplight);  

North Main Street and McAdenville Road (by Hawthorne Ford).


(Mike Hendsill – Gazette Photo)


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Taking stand for the band

Good article in the neighbors section of the Charlotte Observer today about the plight of Marching Bands in the Gaston County Schools.


Have you ever seen a ruff, tuff football player making the rounds, hat in hand, to sell fruit during the holidays? At the local churches for the “pre-game” meal served to South Point football players, do most of them thank the preparers/servers with a handshake or a word of praise? It must be a God-given right for football players to have a trainer, doctor, and multiple coaches along the sideline to “guide these young men and leaders” through the intracacies of  high school life. The message is, “someone else will take care of you”. What are they teaching their charges about life?

Not so, for the so-called “non-revenue sports and extracurricular activities”. Scraping by every year to teach fine arts at the high school level, teachers employed by the school system, resort to what amounts to begging for leftovers through piddly-fundraisers. Nickels and dimes are raised to offset the thousands of dollars necessary to operate a band or theater program.

At South Point for example, the band instructor, Tim Hamilton, has as many as 80-100 students in the marching/concert band class in fourth period. John Devine, PE teacher, has as many as 6-10 coaches, some of those are volunteer-daddies, for 60 players.  Players from South Point are also fed, visiting teams as well, after each home game — granted, a couple of hotdogs/hamburgers — but still fed, while the band has to run out to the local McDonald’s to get hamburgers at a reduced rate. According to SPHS Booster Club (re: FOOTBALL), this is because, “If we fed the band, we wouldn’t have enough to sell”.


Football, and all sports for that matter, are extracurricular activities, just like Band, cheerleading, French Club, and Moot Court. We would expect as taxpayers, that the various school sports booster clubs respect the students and families that PAY to see the football darlins’ — in the case of the Red Raiders — HOME and AWAY.


The 70 or so banner sponsors(at $300 a pop), Ray McKenney, and the Football Boosters should also support the Marching Band, which is an important part of the Friday Night High School Tradition.

We are calling on our Belmont friends and neighbors to help support the bands and fine arts programs at South Point. Participate in their fundraising activities and consider “adding” some dollars to your contribution for their effort.

You can call the school, 704-825-3351 to get band contacts, and contacts for the other programs as well.

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Law enforcement hope Habitat house will help improve neighborhood

Habitat for Humanity of Gaston County continues to build homes and hopes for families throughout Gaston County.

Their most recent home is now under construction in the Highland community on Pryor Street in Gastonia.

If you would be interested in volunteering on a Habitat project, you should call 704-864-6536

Congratulations to Habitat for keeping housing affordable so that all people can participate in “The American Dream”. 

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South Point stays perfect, beats Huss 51-20


South Point looked really dominant in its conference win over Hunter Huss last night. As coach said, they came ready to play”.

More importantly, the visitor’s side of the stadium at Huss was PACKED with red and black South Point fans. What a great turnout Belmont !  Way to support your boys away from home.

The Huss field had been completely refurbished and looked great. Much better than in years past. The concession did a great job handling the large crowd, obviously much more than they had experienced in a while.

The South Point band got to play two songs at halftime, but got to play the fight song many more times as a result of the scoring binge.

13 of Huss’ 20 points came in the second half when coach Devine began substituting 2nd and 3rd stringers into the game. QB Desmond Lowery had another very good game, this time connecting with some nice passes.

South Point’s defense is still a bit loose in the middle and off tackle. When they play Ashbrook next weekend at home, this could be dangerous.

Speaking of Ashbrook, they lost in triple overtime to North Gaston, and Gaston County Jail parolee, A.J. Blue, 44-38. The Green Wave may just be a Tsunami by the time they hit the Lineberger shore next Friday night. Ashbrook played a great game according to all reports.

Other scores:

Forestview got killed by Crest, 35-0

East Gaston lost to King Mountain, 38-20

Cherryville beat Highland Tech, 42-0

Bessemer City lost to North Lincoln, 52-24


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County approves $200,000 for college driving track

Ok, so the county doesn’t have money to spend on a Senior Citizen’s Center, and has to charge for parking at the Courthouse, but can unamimously approve a driving track for county police?

The commissioners make the Parks and Recreation Department run through all kinds of hoops to get funding for a project that would affect thousands of people, and yet, has little comment on projects that affect a few.

Gaston County may eventually try to recoup some of its investment by approaching other area police departments that will benefit from the track.” — a quote from the Gazette article.


We believe that’s wishful thinking on the part of the county commissioners. Their track record on “investments in the community” is not so good. It seems that it would have been more prudent to secure the collaborations and commitments to use the facility BEFORE approaching the taxpayers for money.

But again, people like Tom Keigher and Mickey Price like to spend OPM (“Other People’s Money”).

cc-mickey-price.jpg     cc-tom-keigher.jpg


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Prep football game previews for Sept. 28



The Gazette’s take on tonight’s games around the area.

The BIG game is the Ashbrook and North Gaston matchup. We have to go with Ashbrook on this one.

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Baby Grows In Watermelon


(photo by Daniel Jackson – Gaston Gazette)

Just Kidding !   We knew our soil was fertile, but this is ridiculous !

Friend and neighbor, Benny Brown, has grown a whopper of a melon and his garden made headlines in today’s Gazette.


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