East Gaston Soccer Gets a Field

September 7, 2007 at 7:40 am Leave a comment

The Belmont Banner is reporting this week that the East Gaston High School soccer program has received a grant of $10,000 to help build a soccer practice field.

The grant, from the Gaston County Parks and Recreation Department provided a matching grant. The EGHS soccer parents, players, friends, and a bit of help from the Booster Club (hint, hint Red Raider’s Booster Club…), have been raising money for several years to accomplish this goal.

Bannernews columnist, Jim Heffner (jim@mybannernews.com) , not a soccer supporter, states that soccer fields “…eat up a lot of property…”. The school system has taken the position that if the individual schools want fields, they would have to build them themselves. That goes a long way in helping to pass bond referendums. Although when Forestview HS was built several years ago, a very nice soccer field was built alongside the football field, and could be used as its “soccer-only” complex.  

The state-ranked Red Raiders practice on a rock-filled elementary school playground with bent and twisted premanent football/soccer posts. The City of Belmont received a grant of $50,000 about 4 years ago to improve the field. Irrigation lines were installed, new seeding was done — but the water has never been used. With regular daily usage by the elementary students, who like to dig holes in the turf, the field is severely inadequate. We have always wondered what happened to the rest of the $50,000 that was to be used for the fields.

The high school soccer teams share the field with the middle school teams, and the truck-loving little league baseball program that uses the field for their concession stand and parking lot in the summertime.

We are happy that something is being done to help the support of soccer growth over in Mt. Holly. Maybe something can be done in Belmont as well.



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