Jags avenge Gazette Cup loss to Raiders

September 20, 2007 at 12:04 am 1 comment


(Ben Patton – Gazette Photo)

The Gazette pretty well summed up the evening. Although, their love for Forestview is quite evident.

 South Point dominated the possession aspect of the match and outplayed Forestview except where it counted this evening, at the final buzzer.

Forestview’s tactic of fouling players in the middle or deep in SP’s defensive third was a pretty effective format, stopping several counterattacks.

South Point drew a total of 6 cautions in the match. Two for hard tackles, 3 (including two to Haskins) for dissent, and one on Coach Tudor for questioning a card on Nathan Kelly.

A good Forestview side (currently ranked #13 in 3A polls) took immediate advantage of several mistakes by South Point through the evening. Keeper Case Gadd charged a fast running Marshall Phillips and the ball squirted up and out towards the goal, and unfortunately for the Raiders, continued rolling into the net. 

Aaron Pegues continued to demonstrate his abilities on the defensive end, ripping a ball off the goal line to stop another FV attempt, and generally shutting down Forestview’s attacks. Matt Crane and Will Harbin had a good evening. Harbin led by laying down a couple of sweet moves against Danny Sassano and Taylor Hendrick of Forestview. Crane scored the Raider’s lone goal of the evening with an assist by Tyler Martin.

Sam Reese and Ryan Anderson had a good match overall winning several balls from attackers Marshall Phillips, Thad Calvert, Carter Wong, and Daniel Coward.

The South Point team continued fighting all the way to the “countdown” at the end of the match. Accepting their first loss of the season in ten tries, the boys appeared to be upbeat on their trip back to Belmont. It is a long season and the goal is to be playing into the the middle of November, focusing on earning a conference championship along the way.

With this result, Forestview takes a one game conference lead into their match next Monday with Ashbrook, still stinging from an overtime loss to the Raiders this week.  South Point hosts Polk County HS on Monday, travels to A.L. Brown in Kannapolis on Tuesday, and visits North Gaston on Wednesday. 

The Gazette published a listing of stats at the end of their article that is linked up in the first sentence of this report. However, true to Gazette fashion, have their facts wrong on the scoring and assist leaders.

Check out the South Point Soccer Website (under this link) for correct SP stats.


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  • 1. Trojan  |  September 20, 2007 at 11:27 am

    Let’s get real here. South Point got out-coached, plain and simple. Shearer knew SP dominated midfield pay the first game so the flooded the middle of the field to force the ball outside. South Pont played to ball to the outside mids, but they just passed back into the crowded midfield. And yes, they did foul many times in the midfield but this is fine until the ref stops it, which they never did. This could have also ben stopped by taking the ball down the sides instead of the middle. An adjustment would have been to put Haskins and Martin at outside mid and Nate and Cameron up top. Almost half of the goals scored against SP have been on set plays, so if this could get some attention in practice it would cut down on many scoring opportunities. Ryan Anderson makes a lot of runs aout of the back, but dribbles way too deep into the box. This usually draws defenders out so thye ball should be passed or crossed long before defensive pressure. Going over the top will not work against FV or any other good team inside the 18. The ball has to be taken down the side and crossed behind the defenders so the offensive player can run onto the ball and the defender can’t head it out.

    There also has to be discipline on the team. Any time a player gets a card and runs by the ref clapping his hands this is showing the ref up and deserves a red card. This type of behavior can’t be tolerated with out consequenses.

    South Point may also want to try a 3-5-2 or 4-2-3-2 because they have the talent in the back.

    Work on playing the ball down the sides with wall passes and ovelapping runs and passing the ball to the forwards feet then dropping to midfield to start runs. Just my .02 worth.


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