Monday/Tuesday South Point Soccer Recap

October 17, 2007 at 2:40 pm 4 comments

We are sorry for taking a day off, apparently lots has happened since Monday night and the South Point/Forestview match.

Let’s recap – the teams tied in overtime 1-1. South Point had to win the match outright to earn a share of the conference title.

Since that didn’t happen, the Red Raiders need help with a win by Ashbrook at tonight’s match. So, congratulations to the Forestview Jaguars on their conference title – a bit prematurely, but likely.

The NC Soccer Forum site is burning up with bulletin board material over state rankings and comments about players. Neither of which this blogsite has any influence. The Belmont Front Porch blogsite has received several postings by Huss, Ashbrook, and Forestview fans, and quite possibly SP fans, who just had to be pushed into the bushes because we don’t tolerate that kind of language.

We all know that it is important for families have a need for recognition in their sports endeavors. There is no reason to use the anonymity of blogs and forums to blast these children, coaches, or referees. And the bottom line folks, write your own blog if you don’t like what we post.

Can we discuss the soccer match now?


 Monday Night

The Gazette summed up the feelings after the hundred-minute battle.


(Cameron Matthews and Jason Snider – Gazette Photo)

Forestview won the first half, South Point the second half. Forestview scored in the first half of overtime, South Point scored in the second half of overtime. The players, many of whom are or have been club teammates (recreation, challenge, and classic levels) for the past decade played an intense match on Monday night. They shook hands and began preparing for the next match.

Some South Point highlights was the 94th minute goal by Kevin Haskins to equalize the match. Devon Anderson played him a great ball that was captured by the Gazette’s video (link here).

Aaron Pegues had another very good match, frustrating the runs of Daniel Coward and Marshall Phillips for most of the evening.  However, Sophomore Carter Wong, after getting behind the South Point defense, served Phillips to ball that became the go ahead goal in the 87th minute.  

South Point was not without its opportunities throughout regulation time. Huge credit for keeping Forestview in the match goes to junior keeper, Adam Henry, who made repeated saves. One sequence, that when replayed on video, shows a crowded penalty area and 4 South Point attempts to shoot, and Henry blocking each attempt.

South Point keeper, Case Gadd had his moments to shine as well, stopping multiple shots and challenging off his line.

The South Point JV team did reverse the flow of their past match with the Forestview, when they had lost 3-0, this time putting up a 2-0 win. The younger Raiders demonstrated that this rivalry will continue for several more years.


South Point won the match 8-1 over conference foe, Crest. Tyler Martin scored 2, Kevin Haskins 3 (with two assists), Aaron Pegues, Will Harbin, and Ryan Stephens also scored.

South Point is currently 16-1-1 overall, 8-1-1 in the conference with three regular season matches remaining(two in-conference). The next opponent is highly competitive Fred T. Foard at their place on Thursday evening.


South Point JV team won, 2-0 over the Crest JVs.

Senior Night is Monday, October 22 at home versus North Gaston. Senior players and their parents will be introduced prior to the start of the match.

The student crowd at the Forestview/South Point match was large, noisy and boisterous — keep up the great spirit Red Raiders !


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4 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Sasha  |  October 17, 2007 at 11:33 pm

    Since Forestview and Ashbrook tied 2-2 in 2OT, what chance is there that Forestview might lose to or end up in a tie game with Huss or East Gaston?

  • 2. belmontfrontporch  |  October 18, 2007 at 12:22 am

    There weren’t two OT’s, it is called OT (2 full, ten-minute halves).

    In HS tournament play only, they would then go to a sudden death 5 minute overtime if still tied, and then it would be called 2OT. First team to score wins at that moment.

    If still tied(again in tournament play only), they would go to kicks from the mark, commonly called a PK shootout, or just, PK’s, to decide the result.

    Either way, it was Ashbrook’s match to win, and Forestview’s to lose. It was a good match and Forestview deserves the accolades. Once again the drama at Forestview was highlighted in the Gazette account of the match:

    “…and we sustained a lot of injuries in that game…”, we haven’t heard any other teams bemoan the injuries suffered this season. It is all about the drama.

    To answer your question, Huss gave Forestview a real run for their money in the Gazette Cup for the first 55 minutes. They have since pretty much disintegrated through injuries and internal team strife.
    East Gaston hasn’t much left at this point in the season to challenge them either.

    We are all watching though…anything could happen !

  • 3. Sasha  |  October 18, 2007 at 12:31 am

    I read the Gazette article online after I posted here. Interesting that FV is complaining of injuries after having played SP.

    Sorry for not understanding the OT situation. When I was at SP they didn’t have soccer so I am not familiar with HS soccer rules. I never saw a soccer game until I went to UNC-G. I’m basically rooting for my alma mater from afar these days.

  • 4. belmontfrontporch  |  October 18, 2007 at 12:07 pm

    Great !

    What do they say, “Once a Red Raider, Always a Red Raider” ?


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