Pittenger property plans go back to designer

October 18, 2007 at 12:58 pm 3 comments

The Charlotte Observer gave an update on the development plans of the biggest land area in Belmont in last Sunday’s paper.  

pittenger.jpg State Senator Robert Pittenger purchased the land from Crescent Resources (Duke Power) several years ago. Crescent had years earlier voluntarily annexed the land into the city limits.  Pittenger now is planning to sell the land to real estate developers, “…from up north…”, accrding to the article.

This is a BIG test for the power of the Planning & Zoning Board, city staffers, and the City Council. As council candidate Richard Turner suggests, “…give teeth…to land use plan…”.

One of the Front Porch visitors, settin’ over in the rocking chair, has offered her opinions, some of which we had to edit out or she wooda been pickin’ out pricklies from her behind.


Things came through like, ‘be careful”, “plan of action”, “vision”, and, “get people’s support”, among other things.

Words that politicians use, even in their own personal business dealings can and should be parsed. When Pittenger says, “that’s private”, he is saying, “there is no real buyer, I am trying to run up the price on my property”. The term “real estate investor”, means that capitalism is working at its best. But this form of capitalism affects the quality of life in a community he has never lived in, or spent the night in.  

We suggest that everyone should be wary about the term “property rights”, especially in this city election.



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  • 1. Bub  |  October 18, 2007 at 6:30 pm

    One word with regard to the Pittenger land – ROADS!

  • 2. J.D HOWE  |  October 18, 2007 at 11:41 pm

    AMEN SISTER!!! Greed is going to be the means to the end of are small town personality. The Belmont we once knew is slipping away as are the people who grew up here.High cotton land prices and increasing property taxes have made it hard for most locals to afford to live here or buy here. I recently passed up a lot in town beacuse of where it sat. Had I built the home furthure down S.P. Road it would have been lets say for instance 200,000 but beacuse it was on Central Ave. it would have cost me 330,000. The lot is only valued at 20,000. Actions such as those of the senator will do nothing but hurt us all. Thanks Pittenger we will remember you in the next election sir. See ya at the Cat Pharm. GO BIG RED!!!!!!

  • 3. Frogman  |  October 23, 2007 at 10:06 am

    I love Irl Dixon’s idea that he suggested at the October Candidate’s forum, which was that the Pittienger developer should be required to build a new school to accomodate all those future Belmont residents. In addition, how about making that developer buy Belmont a new fire truck (which we desperately need) to protect those residents, widen Stowe Road to four lanes all the way to the entrace of the new development, and provide a community park for those folks to play ball, so they are not overcrowding our already heavly used ball fields.

    If these developers aren’t required to do this stuff on the front end, the we (the tax payers) will be doing it on the back end.

    We need our City Council to step up and be proactive here folks!

    Don’t forget to VOTE, NOV 6th!


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