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October 30, 2007 at 10:51 am Leave a comment

Several of us over here in Belmont participate in and watch a lot of sports. We mean A LOT.


Not really experts in any of them, several favorites, though. A couple are huge football fans — peewee, high school, college, and pro. Panther ticket holders, State ticket holders, and (eeewww), Carolina ticket holders. The baseball fans range from the AL East to the NL West… the teams we like go on and on.

HD television has really made an impact on all the viewing entertainment over the past few years. However the announcing and commentary has really declined as the visual images have improved.

Frank DeFord, a noted sports columnist with Sports Illustrated, recently submitted a report on NPR’s “Morning Edition” (Wednesday, October 3) where he talks about too many voices in the booth.

We agree, sometimes the game/competition speaks for itself.

To continue on with the too many voices theme, WCGC, 1270 AM bills itself as the “Flagship Station for Red Raider Football”, uh, “yeap”.

We think it is a great service for the community and all, but, come on. Guys do you ever listen to yourselves?

Charlie Martin and “the other guy” are the local commentators.

Excerpts from a couple of recent games —

Charlie: Looks like the Red Raiders have a first down.

Other guy: yeap

Charlie: Lowery needs to throw the ball, it looks like Devine is sending in a pass play

other guy: yeap

Charlie: Lowery under center, he drops back, and runs up the middle. Guess it wasn’t a pass play

Other guy: yeap

other guy: first and…

Charlie: first and ten on the Red Raider 20

other guy: yeap

Two hours of this stuff  can get old. Maybe that’s why there are so many people in the stands at SP football games.  

“uh, yeap”.

Guys, do an air-check tape, and at least listen to each other from time to time. We really appreciate the broadcasts, but the personalities don’t mesh when hollerin’ in the microphone.



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