Ahh, Canvassing – The Best Part of Local Politics

November 2, 2007 at 1:27 pm 4 comments


The best and most intimate form of political work is the old-fashioned, door-to-door, canvassing for votes.

Kudos to Belmont City Council candidate, Richard Turner for recognizing and putting out his platform in the door-to-door format.

 Turner’s Platform: richard-turner-platform.pdf

Irl Dixon’s format is to mail something to everyone. Of course, it helps that his office is located on the corner of Myrtle/McLeod and Main Street (Coldwell Banker Realty office). He has a chance to talk to everyone who walks by him. Irl also has a record to run on for this election.


Irl Dixon’s flyer: irl-dixon-mailing.pdf

Our editorial board has not agreed on any endorsement at this point. We will be meeting on Saturday evening for our annual Endorsement Dinner Party and will report the results on Sunday night.

To fill in the newbies to our blogsite, the Endorsement Dinner Party is an unpretentious (ok, just a bit pretentious), intimate gathering of the BFP Editiorial board and their significant others for great food, libation, and humorous discussion (We often have these dinners, this just happens to be prior to this election).


Yeah, Right

It is more like this:


This year’s Endorsement Dinner will be to discuss the candidates, and try to achieve a concensus on who to recommend to our friends and neighbors.


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Blessed be the Riverkeeper Endorsement Party Discussion

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  • 1. Dennis Boyce  |  November 2, 2007 at 4:39 pm

    I just wanted to mention that I know Irl has been doing a great deal of door to door canvassing. I have as well…my understanding is that local politics is done on the retail level.

  • 2. Frogman  |  November 2, 2007 at 7:52 pm

    Here’s a question to consider as we draw nearer to Election Time:

    Which Candidates have the MOST SUBSTANCE???

    First of all we have way too many candidates running, see as how we can only vote for three come 11/6/07, so let’s try to eliminate some of the obvious choices:

    First of all, what have Dennis Boyce or Curtis Gaston ever done for Belmont??? (sound of crickets)

    Richard Turner has lived here for 15 years and has done an excellent job and been very involved in the Belmont Central PTO and the Optimist Club. He is a free thinker and has some excellent ideas on all the issues. By far one the BEST choices!

    Martha Stowe has lived here a long time ,is a local school teacher and has been very active in the community. She is smart, spunky, and is very positive female voice. We need a female on the council and is the most qualified female candidate.

    Irl Dixon – although not loved by all on the porch, has served us studiously on council and is well versed on the issues. He bring tons of experience and knowledge with him. We need someone with background on the issues and he seems to have change is mind about growth and is now advocating Smart growth. Give him a chance to prove himself, he’s a heck of a nice guy too!

    This year, I’m voting ONLY for those candidates that have shown previous commitment and service to the community, knowledge of the issues, and and are looking to unite the different segments of Belmont and control growth.

    Folks, please don’t waste your vote on a candidate that has never done anything for the community and now THINKS they want to start out at the TOP – on the City Council. This is a serious job and if they have never given of their time, this job will absolutely BLOW their mind! We have a big crop of candiates to choose from, so don’t pick the weakest link.

    What ever happened to folks getting involved in the community before running for office? Boyce and Gaston have not proved their commitment to the community, in my view. Gaston just back into town after a long absence and Boyce has publicly stated on other sites that he has never served the community in any way other than being a minister, which is already is his very time consuming job. With a family and job like that, when will he have time time it takes to be a councilman??

    While it’s important to VOTE, it is equally important to vote for someone who is going to be committed to Belmont and has shown some evidence of that in the past. Also, please vote for folks with substance. Several of these candidates are just nice guys with copycat big ideas and NO substance. Please don’t fall for that, ask them some hard questions and you will see what I’m talking about.

    As for Burch and Flowers, just need to retire. They have served Belmont well, but we need some new blood on council.

    These two candidates pose a BIG threat to bringing about a change on the council, because they have a strong Senior following. Do NOT underestimate the incumbents!

    If the votes get diluted amongst all these candidates, then Flowers and Burch will surely get re-elected due to their strong core following. One thing Seniors do and do well is VOTE. I’m not slamming seniors, becuase I’m not that far from being one myself, but I hope I will know when to retire, when the time comes.

    Please focus your votes on the BEST 3 candidates:

    Martha Stowe
    Ron Foulk
    Richard Turner

    Otherwise, CHANGE will not come to Belmont this election year. I might add, I’m sorry if I’ve offended any of the candidates with my candid comments, but they are just my opinions, and we all have them.

    If you don’t like mine, then state yours!

  • 3. Geno  |  November 4, 2007 at 3:16 pm

    Mine is…Dennis Boyce DOES serve this community everyday. Knowing him personally, I know he has the right vision for Belmont. I’m proud to vote for him,

  • 4. Geno  |  November 4, 2007 at 3:16 pm

    Additionally- frogman is endorsing Dixon instead of Foulk on another forum…. hmmmmm.


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