Gastonia manager unveils $27 million plan for downtown

January 4, 2008 at 2:35 am Leave a comment


(Gazette Mugshot – does the guy own a tie, we hope)

 oooh, we get it — let’s get the county to help pay for Gastonia’s downtown development.

yeah, right…

The community would need to invest $12.5 million…move the [recently–built in 2000, $5 million] Salvation Army Shelter into the old [abandoned after a new build was constructed] Boys Club [$750,000+  new construction]…”

“A hands-on activist approach” is called for, he says.

What happens to the already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in renovation that the city has already paid for in the meantime?

Anybody taking bets on how long this guy will last? Topix and the Community Watchdog should have a field day with this…

We like bold visions and all, but does anybody remember the caterer in Belmont several years ago — pre downtown Belmont renovation — he was lodged in a space jointly owned by Johnnie Lowrey below Dr. Breland’s old office. We can’t even remember the name now, been so long…

He stormed into town with a bold vision and BIG plans, but for some reason, just didn’t seem to attract the type of customers that he “wanted”. As he left town, over his shoulder muttering about the torn up streets, said something about “…support people who want to make change happen”.   

Well Mr. Palenick, the City of Gastonia hired you, not the county citizens. There have been a few poorly thought out plans to impact the county’s economic development, while yours has a few merits, why should we continue to enrich the speculative landlords of Main Avenue? The Salvation Army, even with all the good that it does, would be hard pressed to rebuild just to “get the homeless out of the downtown area”, as you have been overheard stating from time to time.

No tax impact? puh-le-ease…


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