Blowing (in) with the Wind: Myrick legislative works

May 30, 2008 at 11:01 am 2 comments

US Representative, Sue Myrick, has introduced legislation to open drilling activities off the North Carolina Outer Banks region. “Some may say my legislation is controversial. So be it.”


Representative Myrick points to a recent Gallup poll that says 57% of Americans support drilling for offshore oil. Does she represent the 9th district of North Carolina or the oil barons of Texas?

Oil rigs visible from the shoreline of Hatteras, more – barely secured facilities off the US coastline, and destruction of active fishing grounds – both sport and commercial. Just a few of the results of trying to save her seat in Congress.

Pandering to the whims of an administration bent on “doing nothing”? Yet, attempting to show “independence of thought” by doing “what is right” to loosen our dependence on foreign energy supplies?

Ms. Myrick continues to Blow with the Wind – too bad she couldn’t see past her next round of election campaigns.    


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  • 1. Geno  |  June 2, 2008 at 10:39 am

    Sue is right on target. We need to drill NOW! BFP should get more educated on the subject. The rigs would be miles off shore and not visible on the beach. They would boast our state’s economy by billions of dollars and would lower the cost of gas. I applaud Sue’s initiative and hope it will pass before Bush is out of office so it will be signed.

  • 2. belmontfrontporch  |  June 2, 2008 at 8:09 pm

    Drilling NOW, as you suggest is NOT the answer.

    Producing the oil does not bring the price down at the gas pump. It is the capacity of the oil refineries and the delivery infrastructure.

    If Ms. Myrick wanted to “help” consumers she should concentrate on long term capacity of the delivery systems (roads, quality of the refinery process, and the various free corporate passes given to companies that bypass having to ‘help” consumers).

    Maybe Geno, you could do some MORE research yourself – find out about the alternatives to oil and other fossil fuels.

    We are not big on the ethanol process over in our neighborhood – have you been watching the corn futures lately? – someone is getting rich – and food prices have skyrocketed.

    Not looking forward to the sweater days of the late 70’s either –

    Our criticism of Ms Myrick is the pandering bandwagon process when poll numbers tip over a 50% mark. It has happened on a number of subjects.

    It is too bad that ethics/principles and politics don’t mix.


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